Friday, November 9, 2012

Randolph Park, enjoy the fall colors, colder weather

Denise J Mathews
myself and spouse at Randolph Park, Dublin, VA

    Well, we've had some crazy weather in the last week or so, so it was really nice when the spouse and I got to go see the last of the fall colors at a nearby park. In the picture above we are standing next to some really colorful sassafras bushes. Did you know that the American Indians cooked the roots for a flavored tea? Or that people in the medical establishment now claim sassafras tea can be carcinogenic? What's a person in the woods to eat?
     I understand the inner bark of many trees is edible, along with dandelion leaves, violets and the inside of a cattail stem tastes a bit like celery with a little flavoring. You can also cook the inner stem and it is just like onion in a soup!
     But we walked around the murky pond at Randolph and didn't see any green frogs. They must be deep in the water or mud trying to stay warm and hibernating. But there were squirrels in the woods hop, hop, hopping here and there through all the downed, orangy leaves. A few chipmunks, their little tails held high as though to remind others to get out of the way, also ran across the path in front of us. We actually went along the back path for a change, not far from a chain link fence separating us from an old rail road. It must have been a spur or side line, as the other side of  the park that stood at a right angle to us  had the sounds of a chugging and and whistling train going by. It sounded a little eery in this very quiet woods. In the dark it could have been downright creepy!
     I do enjoy the colors of fall, but they fade and fall much too quickly! Then it means it will only get colder. I dont' mind it being a bit cool, but cold and damp weather is not for me!

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  1. did not know that sassafras was carcinogenic... used to drink a lot of that in childhood, but haven't seen it in years.

    Lovely post, DJ. I like your descriptions :)