Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall is on its way, missing Jr. Naturalists!

     I have to admit, I do not like hiking too much in cold weather. A little cool, okay. But when fall hits and things stay below 50 degrees, then I tend to not go for long walks. I was going to go on a hike this past Sunday near Wytheville, VA, but rain and very cool (49o) temperatures intervened! It was fairly comfortable on the canoe trip on the New River, but it is now October and fall is officially here. I really should get outside more, but it has rained every other day for the past week! I haven't even needed to water my plants out on the deck.
     The spouse already has our cherry tree festooned with Halloween decorations: a skeleton with the head detached, an ugly pumpkin being with wiggly arms, and a bat hanging off the skeleton. The neighbor told him that the kids don't go trick or treating in the neighborhood. What  a bummer. We have not had anyone come to our house to trick or treat in over 10 years. That is no fun. I need an excuse to get candy!
     And because I have to wait on a student for a "conference" this week I don't get to work with the Junior Naturalists. They are 5th graders actually interested in nature! I should have been there, but I emailed some ideas to Judy, one organizer, so maybe they will use them.

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