Friday, August 7, 2015

Discovery Center Has Been Interesting

     If you visit your local state park you may find some interesting things there, such as foxes or bears in the woods, fish in the lake, cool water or rides on the lake. You could also find more "stuff" about nature if that park has some kind of nature center.
    This summer I've volunteered several times at the Claytor Lake State Park "discovery center" and it's been interesting. Many visitors live closer to the woods than a "townie" like me. I've seen deer near our neighborhood, but nothing else. Visitors (near their homes and at the campground) have seen bears, foxes, and even a coyote (the last near the East coast of Virginia). There "is" nature out there if you will but look!
    In our discovery center we have also had live critters, like a garter snake, ringneck snake, wood frog, musk turtle, sunfish, and the like. So come visit your state park and see what critters and wildlife there are to find!

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