Friday, February 14, 2014

Mother Nature's Wrathful Snow-- GBBC coming

     Mother nature certainly showed who was boss recently. Schools and businesses closed, and we received 13(!) inches of snow; and it didn't look like it was going to quit for a while there. The Interstate 81 exit near our town seemed to be constantly clogged with traffic and I'm glad the college was closed and I didn't have to go out in it. But my husband, who works at the college dining hall, couldn't depend on our two small  "unheavy" Chevys-- people with trucks gave him rides to and from work.
     Today the sun is out and I should go outside, but don't have a decent pair of waterproof boots. AND my digital camera stopped working :(  so I don't have any photos of the pretty snow to upload. It is covering the shrubs in front of the front door,  the post holding our mailbox is  covered halfway to the top, and a neighbor broke one of our cheap shovels--- well, her daughter's friend did. Husband told her to keep the other shovel for a while (well, we have two of the shovels you use to dig up dirt and I suppose they won't break--- but the snow is on the wet side now in the sun and I should go out for some vitamin D).
   And today starts the Great Backyard Bird Count! No birds in the backyard now, but yesterday as the snow was coming down I spied a flicker (type of woodpecker) and what looked like a black capped chickadee at our front yard feeder. In the last few weeks I've noticed seagulls  hanging around our one shopping center where the old (now vacant) KMart used to be. You know, I like that store-- it has a better variety of clothing styles than its competitor, Wal-Mart. 

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