Monday, September 17, 2012

Hope to Kayak the New River

     I have tried to be careful about my heels and back -- I think I am going to ride the New! I can't believe it's been 30 years since we had a little adventure with friends Gary Phillips and his friends "Bondo" and went on a 3 day adventure up the New.
     We started out near a dam near the Mouth of Wilson on the Virginia and North Carolina border. It was cool and sunny, early April during public schools' Easter break, as Gary and my spouse were both teachers. Gary let us borrow his aluminum canoe (no, they weren't wooden, no birch bark lashed to them like the American Indians did). We weren't on the New River long before we hit a little section of rapids and Gary, who'd been on this section before (and NOW says he wouldn't do it) said we needed to "paddle real fast". Over the next 3 days we hit a number of interesting places in the New. In one place the water level dropped 3 feet!
     One memorable section had little water but jutting out rock. Our canoe tipped to the side and everything almost got wet, including the camera (don't know if I'll take a camera this time). But we righted the canoe and walked to the side of the rocks and got back to where there was some real water. I wonder if this section of the New I hope to canoe with the NRV Outdoor recreation group will be as challenging, and should I take a sandwich along? I will need to get a hold of someone before this weekend!
     Has anyone out there traveled the New River recently?

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