Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Naturalists at Summer Solstice Festival

    The "Summer Solstice" festival in Blacksburg, Virginia, gives local folks a way to be outside, enjoy oddities like the flea circus, but also take in some local music, arts and crafts, food and organizations. Our Master naturalist group had a booth there and maybe, well, we were unique. We offered a few activities for little kids (like tossing bean bag frogs on paper lily pads to win animal magnets, and fish for paper fish you put together like a puzzle) and info for adults on our organization. And a number of people came by to ask about us.
    I personally came up with a nature sheet of fun questions and match up questions and connect the dots, all on one paper. Husband Frank said it was too much on one paper. Maybe, maybe not. So where does a squirrel like to live (near or in a tree with nuts, like walnut or oak trees -- did you know that acorns are edible for humans too).
    It didn't take long to get hot out there and our intrepid leader forgot about bringing any chairs. But we brought ours and "loaned" them out to a few people while we were there.
    A number of the little kids would see the lily pads and different colored bean bags and want to stop. The person coming up with that had a great idea. Parents don't realize they could create something simple like that for their kids at home to play with.

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